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Advice from People Who Have Walked in Your Shoes
May 2017


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You may have several questions as you prepare to join DeGroote’s MBA program in the fall; who better to hear from than our current MBA class.
We asked students to share with us their advice and stories from how they prepared for their DeGroote MBA.
As you start the next chapter of your life, we hope their reflections and anecdotes help prepare you for your journey in September.

Muse (Yinyue) Huang
MBA Candidate (Full-Time)
“I knew I would have a busy life as an MBA student at DeGroote, so before starting, I did three things to prepare. I thought about what I planned to accomplish and the industry I wanted to explore, in order to find a balance between study and the job search. I also read a lot of business case analyses from different resources to prepare myself for the future coursework and I joined DeGroote’s pre-MBA program, where had a great time meeting with the fellow students and faculty before the start of my MBA.” 

MBA Candidate (Full-Time)

“The summer before joining DeGroote, I tried to take some measures to prepare for this new journey in Canada. As an international student, it can be difficult to cope with the number of changes, including leaving, family, friends, and your hometown. I tried to reduce my stress by reading MBA material to get familiar with MBA topics, learning about the Canadian business world and culture, and networking with senior students in the program to get their perspective on life in Canada. I also arrived a few weeks before class began so I could settle in to my new environment.”

Jorge Caballero
MBA Candidate (Co-op)
“In the MBA, it is important to take the time to get to know your fellow students who will be your future colleagues and associates. I got involved in the Facebook Group of my cohort before starting the program, connecting with people to get to know their background and goals before meeting them in September. This is a great way to feel more comfortable with the people that you will be studying with for the next 2 years.”

MBA Candidate (Co-op)
“Get used to being inquisitive and working with all sorts of personalities. Read books, talk to people, listen attentively, be confident and stay humble. I read “Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and “Persuasion by Arlene Dickinson to set the tone for the type of leader I wanted to be when I started. Soak it all in because you'll be prepared to take on the world when you're done!”

Michael Ogbole
MBA Candidate (Co-op)
“The summer before starting my MBA at DeGroote, I spent my time getting accustomed to the business world by reading financial news from sources such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Post. I wanted to get up to speed with business issues prior to any formal business courses and incoming students should be aware of and have opinions on general Canadian business news. At the same time, if students can travel or pickup a new hobby during their summer prior to starting that is ideal, as time becomes limited when the program begins.”


Jaimie Bartlett

MBA Candidate (Accelerated)

“I met with academic advising to assist with choosing my courses. As an accelerated student, there were a lot of second year courses to choose from and I found having the expertise of the academic advisors assisted a great deal with my decision making process. I would also definitely recommend going through all of the on-boarding materials provided. It helps to make that first week easier and get a jump start on your MBA.”

Alumni in the Spotlight
Paul-Allison-2014Paul Allison, MBA ’81, Chairman & CEO, Raymond James Ltd.

What do you feel are the most significant pieces of learning or experiences that you took away from your time in the MBA program?
My MBA provided me with a strong knowledge base on a variety of topics. Coming directly from my undergrad in engineering, I feel that the MBA program gave me an extra year of maturity and confidence – all of which are critical when you launch your career. I think my MBA equipped me with a sense of courage. Good leaders have strong vision and they also have the courage to be prepared to make mistakes and succeed from the learning and continue to pursue their vision.

Read more as Paul talks in depth about McMaster and his three pieces of advice for students today:

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