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IPS has been working on several new initiatives over the past quarter. Coming up in October, we see our first group of students begin our online Gladue Report Training. To create this training opportunity for participants across Canada, IPS partnered with Dr. Jane Dickson, Associate Law and Legal Studies Professor at Carleton University. Gladue Report Training teaches participants the law pertaining to Gladue rights, the structure and function of Canadian criminal courts, including trial and sentencing processes, the required content of Gladue reports including proper composition, structure, referencing and presentation of reports, and how to construct good recommendations for the court and prepare for examination of the report and the writer for court.
We are very excited to host the Victoria premiere showing of “Birth of a Family” on September 21st, 2017 at the Vic Theatre. The film is part of the Aabiziingwashi (WideAwake): NFB Indigenous Cinema on Tour community screenings. This deeply moving documentary details how three sisters and a brother, as infants during the 60’s Scoop, were adopted into separate families across North America. As the four siblings piece together their shared history, their connection deepens, bringing laughter with it, and their family begins to take shape. Follow the event on Facebook and come join us on the 21st.. Admission by donation. This event is also the launch of our charitable fundraising drive, Creating Excellence through Training and Leadership, to build a fund to subsidize training for communities who do not have the budget to access relevant training. At this viewing, we will also be showcasing the Button Blanket project, funded by the Anglican Church to create four Westcoast Button Blankets that were danced out at Aboriginal Day 2017. The project’s focus was to build community through a significant cultural event as a way toward Reconciliation, and it was a success! The blankets will be on display at the theatre and the evening will open by showing a short video of the project, followed by the feature film.

The Training Advisory Committee (TAC) has been busy, having had three meetings already this fiscal year and will be meeting monthly for the next few months. TAC is creating a workplan and will soon be sending out a needs assessment survey to all agencies. TAC will also be forming a subcommittee to review and inform the ASW curriculum and delegated support trainings. If you’re interested in participating, either email us directly or let your agency know so we can add your name to the interest list.
IPS always looks forward to September as we welcome participants to the second session of the Aboriginal Social Worker Training Program (ASW). ASW Week 1 starts on September 11, and Voluntary Services training will run for four consecutive weeks, followed by Guardianship in mid-October and Child Protection in November.
IPS is embarking on expanding our social enterprise, which includes providing the public with relevant training that they can purchase online or in-class. Stay tuned for more exciting projects and training coming up in the new year.

Happy fall!

Kleco Kleco. 
Linda Lucas, Executive Director, Indigenous Perspectives Society

Message from the Representative for Children and Youth

Hello everyone, and thank you for the chance to bring you up to date on news from my Office.
It has been an eventful summer at my Office, largely because of a youth-led Indigenous youth engagement event in August, Ignite Your Spirit.
One of our priorities at RCY is to hear from youth in care. We need to know about their experiences and opinions as we work to improve child- and youth-serving systems. With that goal in mind, our Ignite Your Spirit Indigenous youth engagement event, held at Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, was entirely planned and led by youth.
The aim was to let youth talk about and explore their experiences, and to hear and record their recommendations for government and Indigenous leadership. More than 30 youth in care attended and generously shared their experiences, ideas and dreams. I was impressed with their honesty, passion and intelligence.
Our Indigenous Youth Leadership team is now in the process of creating a report documenting the event and the recommendations developed. We are planning to continue to engage with youth and ultimately to present the recommendations to government and Indigenous leadership to create change based on what youth say they need, not what others have decided for them.
Remember, if you or any youth or family you may know need help dealing with government, getting connected to programs or services or speaking up, call us. RCY advocates are available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 1-800-476-3933. And don’t forget, if you are receiving or eligible to receive CLBC services, we can advocate for you until your 24th birthday.
‘Til next time,

Bernard Richard, Representative for Children and Youth, British Columbia


IPS has been busy updating the Aboriginal Social Worker Training to include the most updated information as we continue to improve our online component in Moodle.
The curriculum department is gearing up for our new social enterprise curriculum to be offered through our website in an online environment.  IPS is experimenting with the newest and best software to make it interactive and provide the best learning outcomes to those interested in developing capacities. Some of our current Reconciliation from an Indigenous Perspective curriculum topics include:
  • Gladue Report Training
  • Cultural Perspectives Training
  • Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes
  • Understanding History
  • Building Local Relationships
  • Adoption Online
  • Ending Violence: Passing the Torch
  • LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit
We are always open to creating curriculum based on the learner’s needs. Don’t be shy about asking or providing feedback to us.

Hope to see you there – and keep checking our website as we roll out our curriculum during the fall and winter of 2017/2018.

Elizabeth Wilson
Out Of Care Options Child Service Family Protection Worker, Xyolhemeylh Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society

What is the work that you do?

I work with parents and families who are on their healing journey in the extended family program who still have guardianship and parent, and are working for reunification.

Families might have been in a good place, but socio-economic factors like poverty, addictions, complex relationships, or trauma may have contributed to dividing families and keeping them apart. Family planning, bringing on resources, and walking with the family can help get to a place of reunification.

What is your experience studying at IPS?

I have been through the full 8 weeks of the IPS ASW program which has been very focused on the perspectives of the families in the Aboriginal communities that we will be working with. I am Aboriginal myself, from both Tsimshian and Heiltsuk First Nations. For me it has been very inspirational to see the opportunities for all of us to understand the histories of the families we are working with. It is important to understand the culture, the values, and the historical trauma that our families have been through. I have been really amazed to have been a part of that. I feel like I have a bigger responsibility now to keep up the practice, and have it continue in my everyday work ethics, and try to enlighten others to see the same values.

What do you see as possible because of this training?

I see possible a really different lens. I understand that I am working with an Aboriginal agency versus working with MCFD. Our practice includes having cultural components and having elders present. Everyone that is involved with our training helps to provide the mindset of supporting Aboriginal Families.

Have you had the opportunity in your work to start applying these tools?

Previously I was a family cultural connections worker for the same agency. I worked with families that were having difficult times. I knew I wanted to be a part of something different, and help families. Taking this training at IPS has been at the perfect time for me to be able to support my community.


Indigenous Caregivers of BC

We are a great need for Indigenous foster caregivers in communities throughout all of BC. If you have room in your heart and room in your room, please give us a call and we can work with you to support you on this journey into foster caregiving!

Gaye Smith, Caregiver Support & Education

Call Gaye toll-free at 1.844.391.0007 extension 229 or email her at More information can be found on our Indigenous Caregivers of BC website at

Participant Profile - Dominique Addey
C6 Social Worker, NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society

What has been your experience studying here at Indigenous Perspectives Society?

It has been incredible, I have been a social worker for 5 years, coming from Alberta. I started in January with NIȽ TU,O. The IPS ASW instructors sharing their knowledge and wisdom about the work in a practical way has been great. Indigenous perspectives are essential to shaping our practice and guiding us to think more broadly of what child safety looks like. Starting the mornings with drumming within a safe space to learn has been really beneficial.

How do you see your work being different because of your experience?

My work will be more family centred. The approaches and the words I use are going to shape my practice. I was linear in my training as I come from a Signs of Safety background in Alberta. Learning BC practices has taught me to have more faith the families I work with, to have respect, and to let families lead in designing how they want to keep their families together. Knowledge of the effects of colonization and intergenerational trauma is essential to understanding family behaviours. My hope is that I can walk with families in their lives, help with healing, and keep kids where they belong with their communities.

What does having more faith in families look like to you?

I think that it is not just a parent relationship with their child, it is a whole community that’s raising these kids. Let them come in with their own solutions and believe that they are coming from a good place, a healthy place for their children. So, when I go in, I don’t come in with an agenda, I meet them where they are at and respect their history of working with their families and protecting their children. I don’t want to go in and assume what is not working, but rather I look to the past to see what has worked before and I look to see how I can help them now to get through this difficult time.

I am not Indigenous and this can be a challenge. I am focused on ensuring the practice and place I come from is a good place. I care about these communities and I care about these people. Training with IPS has given me an understanding of the importance of culture, of ceremony, and that family wellness involves the whole community.


At IPS, learners gain the knowledge, skills and perspectives needed to be aware of their role in transforming how we relate to children, families, individuals and issues. Our participants include leaders, government employees, service providers, entrepreneurs, educators, social workers, parents, caregivers, and youth who are using their training both professionally and personally in communities throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

IPS is hosting the following training dates in the first quarter of 2017. For more information or to register visit

Kamloops, BC Designated Band Representative 09/06/2017
IPS Office Voluntary Services Week 1-2 09/11/2017
Online Voluntary Services Week 3-4 09/25/2017
Online Gladue Report Training 10/02/2017
TBA Board of Directors 10/11/2017
IPS Office LGBTQ+ and Two Spirit 10/11/2017
Online Introduction to Guardianship 10/17/2017
IPS Office Guardianship 10/23/2017
Prince Rupert Family Support Worker (Private) 10/31/2017
Online Introduction to Child Protection 11/07/2017
IPS Office Cultural Perspectives Training 11/08/2017
Victoria Designated Band Representative 11/15/2017
IPS Office Child Protection Week 7 11/20/2017
IPS Office Child Protection Week 8 11/27/2017

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