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In just over a month your student will be starting a new chapter of their life at Dalhousie. This is the beginning of an exciting period of exploration and change. We highly recommend that students take part in orientation programming to help with their successful transition to campus. For those in, or able to come to Halifax this Friday, July 28, we offer an in-person summer orientation program for students and their family and friends — register today for Start on Track!

Over the summer we are releasing a series of online modules within our online orientation program Start on Track Online' which contain plenty of great information, from how to get off to a solid start academically, to how to manage finances, your personal health and wellness, and more! Encourage your student to complete these modules in preparation for a successful year at Dalhousie. And, if they haven't done so already, encourage them to register today for in-person orientation when they arrive in September, a great way to get to know the campus, other students, and services and supports available to them.

Are you arriving with your student in September? Learn more about getting to campus (Halifax or Truro) and parking (residence parents see additional helpful tips below!). Visit the website to find plenty of other helpful information for family, friends and supporters of Dalhousie students.
Your student's health
We know that having a healthy student is a top priority. At Dal, we are dedicated to ensuring students have the resources to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are a number of health and wellness services to help support your student's health, and to get the medical attention they need when they need it. 

Tip: Remind your student to complete the Start on Track Online module for health and to complete this checklist to help take care of their health. 

Physical health
When your student arrives on campus, it's important they register with a doctor. Health clinics, with same-day appointments, are located right on campus in Halifax and Truro and offer Dalhousie students a wide range of services for their health and well-being. 

Athletics facilities & programs
Staying healthy is an important part of academic success, and Dal has opportunities for students to take care of both their mental and physical health. Our Halifax and Truro campuses provide athletics facilities, free of charge for full-time students! Students can join an intramural or club team, take a class, workout in the weight room, or play squash. There is something for everyone! 

Mental health
Most students enjoy their university experience and newfound independence. However, with all these changes can come increased stress and anxiety, which is not uncommon. Dalhousie has a number of programs and services that are available to support students, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and chaplains from various faith traditions. We also offer students access to a free, online program (WellTrack) for stress and anxiety management.
Tip: Your student can start the process of transferring their medical records to Dal before they get here. 

Health insurance information
All students at Dalhousie are automatically enrolled in the Dal Student Union (DSU) Health & Dental PlanThis is a student-oriented benefits plan that provides coverage for prescriptions, dental, travel, accident, vision, and many other services and perks. International students are also automatically enrolled in and billed for the DSU International Student Health Plan
If your student already has a health and dental plan, they may be eligible to opt out of the DSU plan(s). The deadline to opt out is September 18 at 11:59 p.m.
Note: Even if your student does opt out of the DSU Health & Dental Plan, they can still access health & wellness services at Dal.


Additional helpful tips for your student 

ID & Transportation
Every Dalhousie student receives a photo identification card from the university that's called a DalCard. It also acts as their gym membership, meal hall pass, laundry card, and even a debit card (you can put money on your students' DalCard through the Parental Log In). Encourage your student to submit their DalCard photo online and beat the lines in September.

All full-time Halifax students will receive a UPass which lets them ride Halifax Transit buses and ferries from September to the end of April, 2018. The UPass is a sticker that gets put on their DalCard when they pick it up. 

International students
Throughout the summer, Dalhousie's International Centre is hosting pre-arrival webinars for new students. These webinars will cover topics such as immigration, life in Canada, and academic expectations. They will also provide information on Dalhousie services, student societies, and introduce Dalhousie Multifaith Services on the Halifax campus. 

Students in residence
On the Residence website you'll find a section called 'Moving In' for both the Halifax or Truro campuses where you'll find plenty of valuable information, like what to bring (and not bring) to residence, when an where to arrive, and more. Your student can also learn more about signing up to drop their bags off to residence before move-in and pre-ordering their textbooks (Books in Res) and other items (Dorm Goods) to their residence for when they arrive. 
We look forward to welcoming you and your student to Dal!
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