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They're here!

Your student has been at Dal for just over a month now, and well into their new adventure. Nervousness over the first set of mid-term exams often begins around this time, and they could experience anxiety over fitting in and feeling like they belong. Dalhousie has services, support and resources available to them, like Dal's Resilience Project

This weekend is a long weekend on campus - a great opportunity to connect with your student. Here are some conversation starters:
  • Tell me your favourite and least favourite thing about your classes.
  • Tell me about your favourite professor.
  • Where is the best spot to study on campus? 
  • What events have you attended? 
These are great, open-ended questions to get the conversation started. If your student is struggling, asking about grades and assignments could cause even more anxiety. Instead, ask your student if they've accessed any services available to them. 

Helping your student Stay on Track

Stay on Track is a program designed to help students identify their strengths, connects them with campus resources, and introduces them to co-curricular learning opportunities that complement their university experience. Working one-on-one with an advisor, students create individualized academic, engagement, and career plans. Encourage your student to register

On-campus services, support and resources at Dal

A great thing to do with your student is to brainstorm problem-solving options together, break them down into manageable pieces, and encourage them reach out to campus supports. You want to empower your student to take control of their experience. 

Here are a few on-campus services they should know about: 
  • Our Bissett Student Success Centre (Halifax) and Student Success Centre (Truro) offer academic and career advising and services to help your student clarify their career goals, choose their courses for next semester and year, and help them develop strategies for academic success. They can also help your student find a part-time job and develop their skills through workshops and leadership programs. 
  • Our on-campus health services (Halifax and Truro) provide quality primary and mental health care services to students with an interprofessional team. They also offer workshops, events, and access to online resources. 

Other supports available to your student include: 
  • Our International Centre (Halifax and Truro) provides students with immigration information (visas & permits), working & financial aid, ESL support, and specialized health programs.
  • Our LGBTQ2SIA+ Collaborative is a group of member organizations (including Dal Allies) that do work with, and for, LGBTQ2SIA+ communities at Dalhousie.
  • Our Indigenous Student Centre in Halifax is a place your student can improve their academic skills, participate in cultural activities, get scholarship information, and network with other Indigenous students, faculty, & staff.
  • Our Black Student Advising Centre in Halifax offers a student lounge, computer lab and a place to get information on employment, scholarships and financial aid.
Getting involved
Getting involved in campus life is a huge part of the university experience and has been shown to significantly increase students' success in the classroom. Encourage them to reach out to new groups and try something new. Here a few examples: 
  • Sign up for the leadership program (DalConnects in Halifax and SAIL in Truro) and take part in workshops, volunteer work, leadership retreats, and conferences.
  • Find out more about student societies (Halifax or Truro) and become part of a group that piques their interest.
  • Attend (or even plan their own) Dal After Dark event (Halifax).
  • Try a fitness class, sign up for intramurals, or join a sports club through on-campus athletics & recreation facilities & programs (Halifax and Truro).
  • Check out a Dal Tigers or Rams game.
  • The flu shot will be available soon! Encourage your student to get the flu shot at one of the mobile flu clinics across campus or stop by the on-campus health services (Halifax and Truro). 
  • Fall Study Break is from November 7-11 (if your student is staying in Halifax, tell them to keep an eye on the Dal Student Life blog for activities around the city).
  • The application to return to residence opens on October 22. Students can request to keep the same room or move to another residence. Summer storage is also available. 
  • Family & friends can load money onto their student's DalCard using the Parental Log On. DalCard money can be used at the Dal Bookstore, for laundry, on-campus dining, printing and photocopying, and more. 
  • The exam schedule has been posted - note that students in residence are required to leave their residence 24 hours after their final exam.
Have you downloaded your copy of our Family & Friends Guide
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  • Adjusting to university
  • Your student's health & wellness
  • Health insurance
  • Academic support for your student 
  • Advice for family & friends
  • Tips for family & friends of first generation students
  • Information for solving problems
And more! 

You can request a hard copy of the guide by replying to this email with your mailing address. 
We hope you and your student are having a great first year!
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