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Welcome to the Dalhousie community! 

September is just a couple of months away and there's a lot to prepare. As a family member or a friend of a new Dal student you play an important role in supporting your student's success at university. As they face a number of "firsts" they may ask for your guidance and advice. We hope you find the following information valuable as you help your student transition to university. 

Tip: Bookmark our month-by-month breakdown of what your student may experience in their first year. 
Helping your student prepare for university

Our new student checklist was created to help students navigate the important to-do's and decisions they need to make before arriving in September. Check out this list and help your student prepare during the summer months.

Has your student set up their Dal email account
All official university information, including details about residence, orientation and tuition fees, is sent to their Dal email. Last week we sent out details, tips, and a few things to consider for course registration. Encourage your student to check their Dal email regularly!

Has your student decided where to live?
If not, we have tips and resources to help them make their decision! Be sure to check out the helpful links below for information about living on- or off-campus.
Has your student planned their first-year course schedule yet? 
Although September may feel far away, course registration opens on June 10, and there are a number of things your student can do to get ready including planning their schedule. They can also contact the First Year Advising team or their Faculty advisor with questions about courses, meeting degree requirements, majors or minors. 

If your student had an individual learning plan or academic accommodation for a permanent disability in high school, they should contact Advising and Access Services to apply for accommodations for the upcoming year. 

More helpful tips
Is your student wondering about parking? How to get textbooks? There's an entire helpful tips page with tips for the classroom, residence, staying healthy, and more. It may answer some of the questions you have, too!
Orientation is available to your student (and you!) 

If you're planning to be in Halifax over the summer, Dal offers a one-day summer orientation program (July 15 or July 28) for new students and their families and friends to help them Start on Track in their first year at Dal. New students will also be enrolled in an online course, Start on Track - Online, where they are encouraged to complete eight different modules on the topics of finances, academic preparation, health, and more. 

In September, your student will be able to attend a number of in-person orientation and welcome sessions hosted by the Dalhousie Student Union, Student Affairs, the International Centre, Indigenous Student Centre, Black Student Advising Centre, and Advising and Access Services, all of which are aimed at helping ensure their first year at Dalhousie is successful. Keep an eye out for details on dal.ca/firstyear

TIP: If you're looking for a place to stay in Nova Scotia, Dalhousie's residences are open as summer accommodations until August 6 in Truro and August 18 in Halifax.  
Help your student with their finances

Managing money may be another "first" for many students starting university. You can help them estimate their costs (including a realistic amount for books, food, transportation, and social activities), develop a budget, and explore different options for financing their education, including:   Students will have the opportunity to explore all of these tools and resources by completing the "Investing in your future" module, available through the Start on Track program. 
Note: Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the information that the university can provide to you regarding your student (including financial information) is restricted, even though you may be paying some or all of the cost of your student's tuition.
We look forward to welcoming you and your student to Dal.
More information about Orientation can be found at dal.ca/firstyear. We are 
always interested in hearing from you and can be reached at